Giving Back

Big Wi/d Project is a product of pure passion - created as a way to raise donations for incredible organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home stray, abused, and abandoned dogs all over the world.

Each season, we select a new organization and a portion of our profits

(up to 100%!) are donated to help them do what they do best, save dogs!

We truly believe that with your help, we can make a difference & look good doing it!

We are always looking for deserving rescues and organizations to work with, so if you've got a suggestion, send us a message here!

Look Good, Save Dogs

Donations made to date: $929.36

How we've helped:

-We made our very first donation of $133.60 usd ($182.70 cad) to Dallas DogRRR, in Texas.

  Deciding who we wanted to give our first donation to was such a tough decision as there are so many amazing organizations

But this exceptional group takes on some of the most heartbreaking cases we've ever seen! There was one story they posted on Instagram in particular though that I couldn't get out of my head and that's when I knew, Dallas DogRRR was the one!

-December 31, 2019, we wanted to celebrate the new year with a little donation to Animal Haven  based in NYC.

All donations made that day were being matched by a pet food company called MyOllie.com. We made a donation of $21.60 cad which was turned into $43.20 cad. Every little bit helps!

-This past year, we've been lucky to get to know some of the heros behind CCRezQ's, who rescue dogs and pups from rural communities in Regina and Saskatchewan. At any given time they are probably busting at the seams with adorable dogs yet still find a way to work full time jobs, go on rescue missions, vet visits, feed, love, play with and find homes for them all and maybe even sleep a few hours! Not to mention hosting adoption events, fundraisers and more!

In November, they became a stockist for our apparel, which helps them raise funds for the rescue! So we donated an additional ten sweatshirts to help them continue to raise funds and be amazing! ($580 value)

-If you've read the Our Story page you'll know that our founder, Rikki, spent quite a bit of time in Central America growing up, a lot of which was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. PV became a second home to my family and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Las Animas Dog Rescue (LARD ) is run by an amazing, super generous couple from Norway who moved to PV in 2004 - they rescued their first dog shortly after arriving and haven't stopped since! Thank you so much for all that you do! I hope our donation of $123.56 cad helps save a life!