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Adopt A F*cking Dog

Adopt don't shop. Don't shop, adopt.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die. Say it with me now...adopt a fucking dog!

With roughly 2 million homeless dogs in Canada and 3.3 million in the USA ~670,000 of which get euthanized each year to make room for more (and millions more all over the world), it truly astounds me that people are still buying and breeding dogs!? Personally, I think it's time to be a whole lot louder when it comes to spreading awareness and educating those on the importance of rescue and adoption!

Recently, I decided I wanted to design something bolder, and cheekier that would grab your attention and hopefully start a conversation! So, these stickers are the first of the new "Adopt A Fucking Dog" line we are launching this summer! StickerCanada reached out and generously offered to send us custom stickers to help us help more dogs and spread awareness! 100% of the proceeds from the stickers will be donated and we'll be launching more items very soon!


Grab a sticker and spread the word, ADOPT A FUCKING DOG!

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