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Big Wild Project X CCRezQ's Regina. "My Kinda People" Collection

Pups Over People!

We've been lucky to get to know some of the heroes behind CCRezQ's, who rescue dogs and pups from rural communities in Regina and Saskatchewan. At any given time they are probably busting at the seams with adorable dogs and puppies yet still find ways to work full-time jobs, go on rescue missions, vet visits, feed, love, play with and find homes for them all (and maybe even sleep a few hours!) Not to mention hosting adoption events, fundraisers, and more!

Just take a look at these stats from 2019:

2019 Dogs Rescued: 442

2019 Adoptions: 358

2019 Vet Costs: $101,612.40

So yeah, they are pretty busy...😮

We've partnered with them in the past, they received one of our very first donations and my in-laws adopted their new favorite son from them! These volunteers work harder than anyone we know, so help us raise them some funds!

50% of the proceeds go directly to CCRezQ's & 20% of the proceeds are going to Kovu's Cancer Fund! ⁣

Pre-sale begins April 22nd and ends May 6th, 2021.⁣

⁠Orders will be ready for pick up/shipping once printing has completed! (Approx 2-3 weeks after pre-sale closes)⁠⁠⁣

Shop the collection HERE until May 6th!